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1300 Numbers are ten digit national Australian Inbound Phone Numbers, which can only be used for receiving calls. Callers are charged a local call rate from any landline in Australia, regardless of whether or not they are local to your business.

A 1300 Number is a cost effective way of showing callers you’re more than just a local business – they ensure you aren’t perceived as a small business due to the area code prefix of your business’s landline..
This allows your business to advertise a national 1300 Number, broadening the reach of your business, while providing consumers a single point of contact.

• 1300 Numbers provide increased functionality when compared to traditional landlines – you can take advantage of our Call Routing Suite as well as our Phone Answering Service to ensure your customers have the best call experience possible..
• Provide consumers a single point of contact while broadening the reach of your business.
• Provides increased functionality when you take advantage of our Phone Answering Service or Call Routing Suite.

Who are 1300 Numbers ideal for?

• All sized businesses that want to have national coverage.

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