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1800 Numbers are ten digit Australian Inbound Phone Numbers, which are only used for receiving calls. They are great tool to advertise your business nationally!

The difference between 1800 Numbers and 1300 Numbers is calls made to a 1800 Number are free for the caller when dialled from any landline in Australia. That’s why 1800 Numbers are often referred to as ‘Free Call’ numbers and are a great way of encouraging and rewarding your consumers for making contact with your business..
therwise, 1800 Numbers come with the same features and benefits as 1300 Numbers:

• Presents your business as one who operates nationally.
• Provide consumers a single point of contact while broadening the reach of your business.
• Provides increased functionality when you take advantage of our Phone Answering Service or Call Routing Suite.

Who are 1800 Numbers ideal for?

• Business of all sizes that want to have national coverage as well as for purpose organisations who want to encourage contact at no cost to callers.
• A 1800 Number is very useful if your business has multiple locations or departments..

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