What is Call Routing?

Call Routing directs incoming calls

Call Routing directs each of your incoming calls to the correct destination as specified by you. As every business is different, our Call Routing Suite offers 6 solutions, each of which can be adapted or combined for further flexibility, to suit your individual business needs.

Jollytels Routing Suite will quickly and accurately get your customers to their right answer point, to ensure they have the best call experience possible.

Which Call Routing system is right for you?

Call Routing is dependent on your business and your clients’ requirements. That’s why we provide completely customised solutions.

Give us a call on 1300 667 770 or contact us to discuss your business needs and what you’d like to achieve with your calls, then we’ll tailor a solution to suit, including costing estimates and set-up timeframes..

Benefits of Call Routing

Jollytel Partner in Your Success

  • Capture more business leads
  • Ensure your callers have the best customer experience possible
  • Get callers to the right location
  • Get callers to the right member of your team