About Jollytel

The power of flexible communications at reasonable costs back in your hands.

It all started when CEO David Jolly realised there had to be a better way than the prescribed, over-priced services from the big telcos. In partnership with the emerging technology leaders, David saw the opportunity to put choice back in the hands of businesses, and give them the power of truly flexible communication services.

He realised that the technology was there, and was capable of great flexibility. It was just the business systems of big telcos that was the stumbling block.

David, with JollyTel, has put the power of flexible communications at reasonable costs back in the hands of businesses. From simple call queues and rules, portability and flexible answering options, right up to complex call centres.

JollyTel is a medium sized business – David runs a lean, tight ship. He understands the needs of small and medium sized businesses, and by listening gains understanding of the needs of JollyTel clients.

By working hard to understand your business, we are able to best integrate telephony into your complete workflow.

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