For all businesses every dollar counts. With our inbound reporting platform you can make sure your marketing efforts are delivering the best possible outcomes. Our goal is for your business to never miss a call.

Call Outcome

We can learn a lot but the amount of calls that are answered , not answered Busy or IVR. We should never give our customers a busy signal.

By Location

We can report on where you calls are originating so you can understand the value of your marketing dollar.

By Destination

Some clients have an inbound numbers that route all over Australia and we can provide a breakdown of calls answered / not answered and calls from landlines / Mobiles on a per destination or branch basis for further Analysis.

By Suburb

We can provide reporting on a suburb by suburb basis to again assist you in analysing any aspect of your client engagement.


We can very easily set up for your own customisable reports that are emailed to you daily/ weekly etc with all the filters above.

Call Center Metrics

We can measure the amount of calls, Abounded calls , Response times , Calls per Average , Etc

Time of Day

We can report on what calls your are receiving at what times of day to assist you with staffing requirements. Busy periods occur for a range of reasons we are all different thats why Jollytel customize our solutions.

Marketing ROI

Our reporting platform tracks and measures your inbound phone enquiries you’ll be able to understand You marketing return on investment.


Audit Process

Each know client will be called after we conduct the 90 audit with a full report and a free consultation on how to achieve the “Never miss a call “ outcome.


Your inbound calls

Do you really know how your incoming calls are being handled? Our reporting platform will assist you in understanding what is working and more importantly who we can help you improve.



We understand that the world is changing daily and each business has ever changing requirements we can adjust your custom reporting and have this delivered to your inbox each and every morning.