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Time & Day Control

This service allows you to route incoming calls to different destination numbers or call plans at different times of the day, or days of the week.

Example: Betweeen your business hours of 9 to 5 we make the calls go the main office and 5:01 pm through to 8:59am we send the calls to after hours voicemail.

Easy to remember


By having your Phone Word / Brand in your advertising material, call volumes will increase leading to more sales. People remember words far easier than numbers. Potential clients won’t have to look you up. They will call your number Direct.


Word of mouth branding



Happy clients naturally want to recommend your business. Having a phone word means you never miss the chance for your contact details being passed on as clients are likely to not have access to your contact details.

Clients using phone words


You might know these big brands using phones words, ask your self why ? We all know them and we all know why.

13 AAMI         13 NRMA     13 CABS  13 FAST  1300 TOSELL  1300 PLASTER