Routing Options

Never Miss A Call Again

Jollytel has a variety of tools and routing options to ensure you never miss a call

1300 Numbers show your callers you’re more than just a local business, broaden your reach while providing a single point of contact.


13 Numbers are powerful marketing tools, they’re more memorable, allowing you to effectively broaden the reach of your business.


1800 Numbers are free for the caller when dialled from landlines; they encourage consumers to make contact with your business.


Phone Words serve as a valuable advertising tool providing consumers a clear and memorable link to your organisation, product, or service.

Easy & Simple – No Coding Required!

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Industry Specific Case Studies

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Call Centres

Jollytel can help Calls centres or any size improve workflow and also provide advanced reporting.


Tradesman want to apply their trade, let Jollytel assist with answering your phoen for you.

Every business

Every business should have a 1300 number, contact Jollytel to find out how it can change your company iimage and also supply workflow improvements.

Marketing Campaigns

Using a 1300 in your marketing campaign combined with the Jollytel reporting portal is crucial.