1300 Numbers

Never Miss A Call Again

Managed services, we do it all for you.

1300 Numbers are virtual numbers that provide businesses and organisations with a national presence and enable them to answer calls on any answer point and control the way calls are handled Jollytel’s never miss a call routing options.


Jollytel has a variety of routing options that will help your business to make the most of each and every incoming call. Time of day, area based, stare based, postcode prompting are all routing options included with a Jollytel 1300 number.


Quick info in real time and live call status reports mean you can monitor and react as needed or, if you prefer, scheduled email reports allow you to check campaigns in your own time.


By using a phone word, it reinforces your brand. It gives you exclusivity and portrays your business as the leader in its field. An easy to remember Brand will give you a clear edge over your competitors.

Industry Specific Case Studies

Call Centres

Jollytel can help Calls centres or any size improve workflow and also provide advanced reporting.


Tradesman want to apply their trade, let Jollytel assist with answering your phoen for you.

Every business

Every business should have a 1300 number, contact Jollytel to find out how it can change your company iimage and also supply workflow improvements.

Marketing Campaigns

Using a 1300 in your marketing campaign combined with the Jollytel reporting portal is crucial.