Inbound Numbers

Every Business should have one, does yours ?

1300 Numbers show your callers you’re more than just a local business, broaden your reach while providing a single point of contact.


13 Numbers are powerful marketing tools, they’re more memorable, allowing you to effectively broaden the reach of your business.


1800 Numbers are free for the caller when dialled from landlines; they encourage consumers to make contact with your business.


Phone Words serve as a valuable advertising tool providing consumers a clear and memorable link to your organisation, product, or service.

Why switch your inbound number to Jollytel ?

Work with Telco that cares about your business, the benefits are many including our never miss a call range of routing options. We will ask you a range of questions in an attempt to understand more about your business.


  • We will work with you so you never miss a call
  • Advanced call reporting
  • Receive a 30% saving on last months bill.
  • We will conduct an audit for you after 90 days
  • Amazing workflow efficiencies

You get one chance to make a first impression

Tell your prospective customer your in business with a 1300/13/1800 number from Jollytel

Every business should have a 1300 number

Keep your number, if you move location you will never lose your virtual number.

Never Miss a call

Call controls, route calls to any answer-point and never miss a call.

You first impression

When was the last time you rang your own business ? Whould you engage in a business relationship based on that first impression ?

Business image

Professional voice recordings represent a professional business image, we can make sound you sound as big or smal as you would like.