Hosted PBX – VoiP

A Jollytel Virtual PBX system offers the essential qualities of enterprise-grade voice quality together with a remarkable stability, a predictable monthly pricing structure, and features that allow your employees to work from anywhere seamlessly.

Jollytel Hosted PBX is a managed service meaning we will monitor and make any changes required. You will love our all inclusive approach no extra charges or bill shock.


Jollytel uses Poolycom handsets, the Polycom desktop handsets used include the best sound quality, featuring Polycom’s exclusive HD Voice Handsets


Jollytel Hosted PBX includes premium support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, remote configuration, call queues, ring and hunt groups, auto attendant, time-based routing, mobile phone diversions, outbound dialling control, on-hold music, voicemail, CRM called ID lookup, and much more..


Jollytel development team can integrate our enterprise grade hosted PBX with your existing infurstructure, we have automated the complete accounts process for a large interpreting company saving them many 1000's and changing their workflow.

Jollytel Hosted PBX has so many features to mention and we don’t expect you to know our job all we want you to do is explain to us your wish list. What would you like your current phone system to do that it doesn’t currently ? Our Goal is for you to never miss a call.

Time Conditions

Time conditions are often used to control how the PBX routes calls during business hours vs. outside business hours.

Outbound Call Limiting

Prevent Overdialing- limits how many times a specific phone number matching an outbound route can be called during a certain time period.

Find Me / Follow Me Calling

We can configure your extension to try your desk phone for 20 seconds, then if no answer, try your cell phone for 20 seconds. This appears seamless to your callers

BroadCast / Outbound dialling

Automated Outbound Dialling for outbound call centres. Upload CSV files, schedule outbound calls, route calls based on human or answering machine.

Call Queuing

Call queues are useful when you have more callers than people available to answer calls. Callers placed into a queue will hear music or advertising until someone is available to answer their call. Features include: Queue Priority to prioritises specific caller groups over others, automatically move longer waiting customers to roll-over queues, Caller-ID Name prefixing, multiple ring strategies and agent announcement.

Appointment Reminder

Automate appointment reminders by scheduling outbound phone calls to customers where the recipient can cancel, confirm and/or reschedule appointments. CSV File upload makes it easy to insert lists of phone numbers to make outbound calls to. The feature will also allow you to control call rate limiting, retry attempts and other You can schedule a future appointment reminder so that the system can call/email the person(s) and remind them of an appointment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create 1 or more IVRs (“Interactive Voice Response” systems or Auto Attendants) to route calls and play greetings to inbound callers. You can then route calls to the IVR and play a recording prompting callers what options to enter, such as “press 1 for sales and press 2 for the company directory.” An IVR can also route calls to another IVR, or in other words, a sub-menu.

Queue CallBack

1) Allow callers to optionally hang up their call and have the queue hold their position in line, saving them time and frustration. The system will automatically call the person back and transfer the call to an agent when the held position is considered the next in line.
2) Ability to set different destinations for different types of unanswered calls. 3) ability to route both the agent and the caller to any destination after hangup of a queue call. For example, you could send the caller to a post-call survey after the agent hangs up the call.

Caller Announcement

Play the position of the caller waiting in the queue.


Play music and announcements to callers waiting on hold in the queue waiting for the next available agent.

Hot Desking

Agents can log into any phone using the “Login/Logout” feature and all their features pull directly to that phone.

Call Recording

Record calls through the standard ACD Queue functionality.

Queue Reporting

View, sort, listen to, archive, and download all recorded calls on your system. WebGUI driven feature.

Pinset Pro

Provides greater flexibility in the deployment of security Pin Codes, allowing system administrators to assign Pin Codes directly to extensions and granularly control per extensions which outbound routes are allowed to be dialled without pin codes.

Queue Phone App

Managers can directly interact with the display of their IP Phone to quickly view Call Center metrics, such as: Callers, Logged in Agents, Hold Time, Abandoned calls. Managers can also pause, login / logout agents from queues.

Web CallBack

Allow visitors to your website ability to leave their phone number to receive a call back from an agent. An HTML call me box is placed on your website with a field for visitor to enter their phone number.

Queue Agent App

Agents can login/logout of a queue and pause using GUI.

Fax to E-mail

fax to email

Call Recording Phone App

Managers can record calls directly via dedicated button and GUI.

Voicemail blasting

Voicemail blasting lets you send a voicemail message to multiple users at the same time.