1300 Number


1300 XXX XXX

As well as providing a professional image, 1300 Numbers are attractive to customers because calls to 1300 numbers are charged at a local rate (fixed fee) for the caller.

1300 Numbers are a low cost inbound option for businesses because they can receive calls from customers whilst incurring very little cost.

Porting your number to Jollytel

It is very easy to port your number to Jollytel, simply fill in our application form and we will do the rest. We will work with you so the change over is easy without any interuptoin to your service. You will not even notice the difference until you the 1st of the month when you receive an invoice 30% less than last month.


Jollytel bundles

At Jollytel we believe that every client is different so the bundle is ” there is no bundle” each offering is specialised for you.

Call Recording

Like all services, Call Recording is a cloud-based feature that can be activated instantly on any number – even ported landlines, without any hardware installation. Fully scalable to any size organisation, recordings can either be downloaded or delivered by email or FTP. Call Recording is available on all inbound numbers.